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Marines can ‘like’ political Facebook pages but can’t “share,” according to new directive


US Marines have been slapped with political restrictions when it comes to expressing opinions on social media, according to new guidelines.

The directives, which were released earlier this month, appear to come in advance of the 2020 US Presidential Elections and is largely a reiteration of past guidelines stating that while Marines can vote and verbally express political opinions, they cannot use their uniform to suggest military endorsement.

A new part of the directives, however, expands on social media use when it comes to politics, service members who come across posts concerning political matters can “like” a post, but cannot share, especially if the Marine who reacts to the material has a social media page that makes it clear they are Marines.

“Because an active duty member may not engage in partisan political activity, the active duty member may not post or make direct links to a political party, partisan political candidate, campaign, group, or cause,” the message states. “Such activity is akin to distributing literature on behalf of those entities, which is prohibited.”

According to Military.com, any political posting must be done on a Marine’s own time and internet connection.

“Individuals should never use government equipment when engaging in political activities,” the message adds.

While Reservists are largely exempt, those wishing to run for office may find themselves navigating tricky proverbial waterways in regards to the new directive.

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