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Three Marines sentenced for beating man who had affair with Marine’s wife while deployed


Sergio Medina, Rodrigo Sanchez, and Leonardo Ortiz

A man who thought he was meeting up with a woman for an evening of love, encountered something much different.

When Norman Early III entered a Bakersfield, Calif. house -he was met with a beating that almost took his life- not the Marine spouse in which he was having an affair with.

Three Marines, Sergio Medina, 22, Rodrigo Sanchez, 20, and Leonardo Ortiz, 20, beat him, bound him with zip-ties and threatened to kill him, according to the Bakersfield Californian.

The men, who wore hockey masks to conceal their identities, beat him because they believed he was having an affair with one of their wives.

All three of them pleaded no contest to the count of first-degree robbery in July.

Early was beaten so bad that his kidneys failed at one point, causing him to be placed on dialysis.

“I knew what my fate was,” Early told the court of the beating. “I was going to be murdered.”

Before the sentencing, he told the court that the men never deserved the honor of being Marines.

Judge John S. Somers said the Marines, who have since been discharged, were lucky they were not facing life in prison.

Under the defendant’s plea agreement, other charges and torture –which carries the possibility of a life sentence- were dropped.

The prosecutor, after being asked by Judge Somners, explained the only reason the plea agreement was offered is because he did not believe he could prove some of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

Medina’s lawyer claimed the incident occurred after Early persistently pursued a relationship with Medina’s wife while he was on a deployment overseas.

Medina’s wife, Diane Reyes, allegedly attempted to break off the affair but claims Early persisted. She eventually told her husband of the relationship.

Medina’s lawyer contends Medina lured Early, by using Reyes’ phone, to the home where Sanchez and Ortiz were waiting.

The Marine veterans were sentenced to prison Wednesday, with Medina receiving six years, and Sanchez and Ortiz getting three-year terms.

Kyle J. Humphrey, the lawyer representing Sanchez, said his client knew from the day of the incident that what he did was wrong. But also defended his client by saying, “You don’t want to be sniffing around another man’s wife.”

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      • No, If someone KNEW I was married to her and they cheated together, I would beat his ass MYSELF. Taking 2 other guys with you, especially when all three of you are highly trained, is a cowardly move. I would bring one with me, so he could pull me off before I killed him. Then, I’d take my children and she’d never see them again.

        • Lmao so funny notion for the clearly emotional and uneducated, military doctrine is based on a 3:1 ratio of our troops versus theirs. You might call it cowardice, but when the entire military strategy is based on outnumbering the enemy, these guys did what they were trained to do.

          • If they were trained to attempt to beat civilians to death for personal slights, how come they’re going to prison for it?

          • Yeah in areal war there asked that but not. When they know hes just a dude that fucked 1 guys wife come on bro be really.

          • Because it’s illegal, Dave. That doesn’t mean other honest men won’t find work for them when they get out. If the goal had been to kill him, one Marine could have done that. Three were there to enforce order and spare his life.

        • That was a cowardly and stupid move. First, it wasn’t the man’s fault, it was the wife’s. Second, As a marine, if I got big sets of balls, I would had done it myself, “mano y mano” and last, you’re all in prison without a woman, and she now can hang with other mens…she is out!!…no disrespect, truth plain and simple.

      • They were cowards. The only manly and honorable thing to do is divorce her ass. She is the one who was mostly wrong in all this.

      • Well James. This man was cheating. The wan was the person cheating on her husband. Unless he raped her, she is the one who is in the wrong. Do we even k ow if he k we she was married or was she lying about that? How many times did ahe, herself meet up with this guy? Sure, let’s blame him for the fact that this woman was a lying, cheating whore and give her a pass.

        • For your information,there was no relationship with that girl,that was all made up by the Marines,to cover up what they did ,how do I know because it was my son ,media loves to make up a story so you can follow the story ,my son had a girlfriend at the time of this incident,bottom line they lured him over there to do him harm ,we wanted it to go to trial but just like the cowards they are they took a plea deal ,after almost a year of saying not guilty,at every court appearance,they decided to take a deal,why because they were guilty

          • well it says they lured him using her phone so technically doesn’t that mean even if he did have a girlfriend he was planning on cheating anyways with that marines wife

          • -Norman Early- Fuck your pisshead Jody of a son! You should’ve been right the first one to beat his ass for even thinking of messing with a married woman. Especially since her husband is a deployed United States Marine. Try to defend that little chicken shit all you like, but you know damn well that he deserved every second of that beating.

          • Answer this the dumb fuck dad, if nothing was going on with the bitch why did your turd of a son run over there when getting a message he believed from her? Maybe if you had raised an honorable male instead of a pathetic little pud that fucks other men’s wives he wouldn’t have gotten his little beating. And he is actually lucky because Marines maybe trained in killing the are not trained to be vicious in revenge. Me, I would have kicked juniors in the nuts so badly would have a daughter returned to you.

            And for all you pumped up males, yes she is also to blame for not keeping her fucking legs closed. NEITHER of them had any honor.

    • It doesn’t ‘take 3 guys’ retard. That’s what brothers do. You probably wouldn’t know anything about that kind of loyalty though. In my opinion, you’re just a desktop coward with a keyboard who thinks his opinion is actually worth listening to.

      • Right! Thats what these guys dont understand, could this guy beat him up 1v1, especially if he jumped him, probably. But when your best friend is gonna whoop someones ass and you dont back him up what does that say about you.

      • Sir, that’s not a “cowardly” thing to do, its a lustful thing to do. He did it out of lust, desire, testosterone. Cowardice had nothing to do with him. But the WOMAN had plenty of cowardice, as she did not fully own up to HER mistakes, and then transferred the mens’ rage on Early!

    • So you’re ok with someone fucking your wife while you’re deployed and serving your country? I bet you like to watch too, eh?

    • I’d agree to an extent. No one wanted a fair fight though. They wanted to beat his ass. They did. There’s a big difference between a fair fight and a beat down.

      • And look where it got them. They would have been better off going to the bar and getting drunk, then calling a lawyer the next day.

    • Or why not embrace Sharia law while we’re at it, kill the adulterous woman and pretend it’s all OK for the sake of one man’s wounded pride? This garbage behavior and mentality praising or defending three thugs for criminal behavior that should put them in Levanworth for life makes you leather neck dumbasses no better than the extremists you love to hate.
      One man fighting another would be acceptable, this trash deserves more punishment than they got.

  1. Fuck you bitch ass mother fucker…. They were his brothers and at that point who gives a fuck if it took three of them…. fuck that little bitch messing with another man’s wife!

  2. Fuck that…don’t fuck with another mans wife; especially a Marines and especially when he’s deployed! That’s a coward

  3. Wow he could not defend his wife by himself why was he trusted to defend our country..courtmartial and jail time is not enough he should be re taught what it means to be a soldier…beaten by his peers..

  4. nah fuck that jodie fuck I would call all my fucking friends to beat that fuckers face in

    Hes lucky he wasnt hidden the hills of camp p

  5. cowardly is seeking an affair with a married woman whose husband is overseas serving his country. he deserved the beating he got.

  6. Mo, you’re an idiot. The dude got what he deserved. He was cheating with a man’s wife while he was over being shot at for YOUR country, you retard. He is lucky he got off that easy. How can you stand people like that?

  7. That Jodie deserved it… it’s better to beat it than cheat it.

    I give these marines props and a rightful conduct merit (if there was one). Give that Jodie guy a pink ribbon and a dishonorable discharge…on his DD-214 let it show that the guy is a pussy and deserves to look like the vagina a he banged.

  8. The marines were right. The guy who sniffed around the marine’s wife deserved to be beaten. Hope other bastards who are after wife’s whose husbands are overseas get their lessons well.

  9. I would’ve done the same thing to that POS. This is also why I hate people, and exactly why I’m leaving the service and the country. Americans are sin driven fucking pigs. Deuces, have fun destroying what people gave their life for.

  10. Mo..they’re not trying to have a fair fight their goal was to beat the ever loving crap out of him because any man who snakes in to ruin a good relationship between two people who worked hard to get to where they’re at is lower than whale shit at the bottom of the ocean. This pos got what he deserved and the marines should’ve just been let go early enough to make happy hour.

  11. It isn’t the fault of the guy meeting her. It is the fault of the wife of the Marine that was deployed. The lying whore was the one who knew she was married and her husband on tour and she chose to fool around. Sounds to me like they got ahold of the wrong person.

  12. If your wife could be persuaded to cheat while you are on deployment, you have chosen your life partner poorly. If you would think this is the proper way to remedy this situation, you are not a man and far from being a Marine.

  13. I think Jody got what he deserved….. I have seen too many Marines get blindsided by this to feel an ounce of compassion for this turd.

  14. Something tells me Mo was never married and never served in the military and if he did, he was probably a civilian working in the chow hall. Mo, I hope your boyfriend is always faithful, and yes, I realize you are most likely a male.

  15. It’s actually stupid to beat someone for sleeping with your wife. Because it would never have happened in the first place if your wife didn’t cheat with him.

      • No don’t beat anyone , be a man and move on . It’s stupid that your beating someone that slept with your wife when your wife allowed it .Then your life is screwed because of your poor decision . Yeah I would be angry too , but as a man you have to be able to keep your emotional center , not go beserk and jeparodize your life over a cheating woman . Really

        • I think I’m gonna find you and fuck your wife/girlfriend because you’re a real man and you’ll just get over it 🙂

          • better then going to prison because your wife decided she didn’t love you enough and cheated… now if she was raped by someone that is a big difference because she was forced and didn’t choose to do it on her own, I wouldn’t consider any woman my wife if they go off and cheat with another person…

  16. Ok can see maybe wife got bullied into affair but really no is no. No marine deserves that no matter how long he’s gone. No military personal should suffer it. You can’t stay faithful pack it up and get out.

  17. What kind of man has an affair with a soldiers wife while the soldier is away defending his country??That low life, is lower than whale crap at the bottom of the ocean. Really, what did he expect would happen when the man returned from combat and found out about the affair ? The Marine should kick her butt out of his life and find a woman who will stand behind him and wil.stay faithful. The low life, piece of crap got what he had coming to him. Out here

  18. The coward is pursuing another mans wife, while deployed. Not excusing the beat down but if the coward is aware of the husbands service, what did he think the conclusion would be? A nice sit down to all about how much he wants his wife. Clearly somebody needs to work on their decision making. All this was instigated with the coward lusting and covetting another mans wife. But of course, he is not help responsible at all. Typical and sad for the marines who let that poop head get the best of their emotions. Causing their careers in the service to be thrown away and be sentenced. While that coward gets to keep on doing his thing! But, just maybe, he will rethink his plight, the next time he desires another mans wife.

  19. “the men never deserved the honor of being Marines.”

    You don’t deserve to be called a man, being a COWARD to go behind someone’s back with their wife. ‘Fuck your feelings

  20. I’ll send em prison money, cigarettes and stuff. But they should’ve really just divorced the skank and left well enough alone.

  21. Rule #1 DONT FUCK WITH A MARINES WIFE!!!! I don’t care if she’s begging for it. Your ass will get stomped. That is all, Semper Fi.

  22. If my opinion really matters concerning this matter, I would just like to say, I have read some pretty immature responses on here. What seems to be forgotten is, that all parties in this were wrong in their JUDGEMENT’S. Shame on the Marines wife and her affair partner, both all guilty. But, a big FUBAR by the husband and his friends. They are in prison, the wife is left alone , and the lover is medically impaired now for his life possibly. Is this all worth taking revenge on a person who was NOT doing anything she( the wife) didn’t really want to do. Should have just retained a lawyer , divorced and moved on. Now he gets to spend six yrs. in prison with a felony record. .

  23. 1. The wife and Norman were friends who went to high school together and never once had an intimate encounter, so no he didn’t “F*ck” anyone’s wife
    2. She told Norman she was getting a divorce and that her “estranged husband” (the marine) was a psychopath who wouldn’t leave her alone
    3. The husband was not deployed, him and his wife lived almost 200 miles apart from each other – they weren’t together
    4. There was NO AFFAIR as the article states

    bottom line – get your facts straight

    • Thank you to whoever wrote this because that was my son and you hit it on the nose I’ve tried to explain this but all these marines and their comments don’t understand,there was no relationship,just a piece of shit marine who wanted to harm anybody that his wife befriended,I was there in the hospital the whole time when he was able to to tell his story,he held nothing back ,told the whole truth,the detectives had all the snap chats,and conversations that were made that night even the girl said nothing ever happened and actually became the state’s witness,get your facts straight people,bottom line everybody lost on this,but this all could of been avoided if the marine would of just called and asked him instead of luring him to the house,I mean he always had his number

    • A psychopath who wouldn’t leave her alone?? Wtf?? He’s her husband they’re supposed to be together that’s the whole point of marriage to be together?!?!

  24. This is 2016, nor 1916, totally different America. Back then, their C.O. would’ve been able to handle the ‘aftermath’ and made those guys dig ditches, bust them a rank, and generally made their life miserable for a month or so. This is politically correct 2016, and now those Marines are going to jail. God knows how that is going to affect them or what is going to happen. The ‘wife’ is just as fault as the dirt bag. Not reading anything about her being forcefully raped etc. After the Gulf War, Jacksonville’s Courthouse was inundated with divorces because of spouses screwing around. Better course of action would have been to just record that dirt bag upon his entrance, then go after him publicly, destroy his life, but now he’s the ‘victim’. There’s always a way to fight and destroy your enemy, think before you act.

  25. First of all he should beat his wife,Cause she’s the one who is married,And for three marines to beat on 1 dude is just pathetic the husband should have dealt with it cause he wasn’t fucking the other Dude’s wife,the best thing now is though hopefully they all go to prison not military prison so they will know what it’s like to get fucked up like literally in the ass.

  26. They fought together side by side why wouldn’t they go together I know if I was in that situation I would of gone with too. They fought together ate together did everything together. That’s what marines do there a team

  27. As a marine vet I know first hand how these situations go. And those of you who are putting your input in, if you weren’t a marine at one point then you wouldn’t understand. It’s a brotherhood and as brothers we do everything together. And that’s exactly what they did. They fucked him up together. And if the guys they beat to a pulp was also a marine then you would have never herd about it. I had a junior marine walk in on his wife with another marine in bed. He help a gun to the mans head and told him to get out of us house. The marine that was with his wife lost rank and my junior marine suffered no punishment. That’s the way themarine corps is and no one will ever understand that gun club.

    • That’s NOT the way the Marines (notice “Marines” is capitalized) are. The very first thing you’re taught in Boot Camp is self discipline. I’m retired from the Corps and served my whole time as MP and Criminal Investigator. When I was stationed in Hawaii, the worse time for domestic disturbances was just after a float came home. There are right and wrong ways to things and this was wrong, so go thump on your chest somewhere else. This kind of he-man bullshit has never been acceptable, past or present.

  28. They dishonored themselves, the Uniform, and the USMC. Esprit.d Corp and Semper Fi doesn’t mean conspiracy, entrapment, restraining and beating someone to within an inch of their life. No matter what they did, especially as it was consensual between the cheaters; NOTHING justifies their actions, especially NO fu@#%* idea of brotherhood and ‘honor’. Simple thuggery is NOT the Marine Corp way. They should.have been Prosecuted under USMCJ for a General Courts Martial. The punishment received is a joke.

  29. I am a marine veteran. I know all about the “brotherhood” but in my case it was not some civilian jodi fuck that skrewed my wife it was a mother fucker in my own platoon my supposedly “brother”! The sad part is my chain of command did not one damn thing to the degenerate fuck! So i took matters into my own hands!!! Left a sour taste in my mouth about the corps!

  30. I dont condone what they did but the bible leaves nothing out. (Proverbs 6:34) “For the woman’s jealous husband will be furious, and he will show no mercy when he takes revenge.”

  31. That’s why I don’t fuck with another man’s wife while he’s deployed. I just fuck with another woman’s husband or boyfriend when their wife or gf are not around. Never had to worry about getting beat up or murdered. A lot less trouble!

  32. Wow, when did marines become such punks? What most of you guys are saying is that its cool to jump people. Dude is a trained killing machine, but needed two of his boys to beat up the guy. First of all, his wife is a slut. He wants to be beat a guy down because his wife is a slut. He’s stupid for marrying her in the first place. I always knew marines weren’t the brightest bunch, but I respected you for your bravery. Now I question your bravery, because all yall sound like some punk ass pussies who cant handle yourselves one on one with an untrained civilian and crying over a bitch who happens to be a slut. Dumbass cowards ruined their lives over some broad who gets passed around by every dude in town while her hubby is away. Genius…

  33. Wife chasers don’t deserve a fair fight. They deserve being taught a lesson. Cheating wives and husbands should have to face legal repercussions as a deterrent but, legal satisfaction wouldn’t help destroy marriages and families in this country so we don’t have it.

  34. As a Devil Dog myself. Now i am out i had this same shit happen to me…
    And one thing That you DO NOT DO is mess with another man’s wife.. you doing so grants you for what ever comes next when that man finds out.. the guy that took the beaten knew that she was married he KNEW that the husband was serving his country and overseas fighting for his life and for every one back home including him but yet he ignored that.. ignored the husband could be killed at any point and was husband was already worrying about his wife back home and his life and his brother’s in arm’s life being deployed.. but yet this A$$ clown decided oh the hell with it i am just going to get some tail.. well guess what… you knew what the outcome would be you knew you were risking your own ass for some tail.. someones wife.. and better yet a MARINES Wife. So he deserved every bit of it.. this right here is why this country is full of sissys.. you knew what you were doing was wrong and against the law as a married women but you choose to ignore it..
    No one can say ” well he probably didn’t know she was married “..
    As a Marine i can almost PROMISE that the house was decked out in Marine things and his picture of him in the corps was in the home and the wife admitted she told him about her husband and he kept going after her anyway…
    His fault.. next time he will learn not to mess with a Man’s Wife or better yet a MARINES Wife…
    Semper Fi devil dog’s..

  35. A man is morally obligated to kill and adulterous wife.Judges who do not see this should also be killed. This is God’s law…..


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